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Roland pdx100 or?

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  • Roland pdx100 or?

    Hi folks. Newb here.
    I got a Roland TD11kv for a steal. Im new to drums (Im a guitarist looking to expand his horizons) but to me it sounds great, especially when hooked up to ezdrummer2.
    Ive got a question though. I would like a bigger snare pad and was thinking of a Roland pdx100. However on trawling the net Ive found a couple of custom drum builders in the uk who will both do a full size electronic snare for not much more money.(Jobeky and Diamond drums). I would love a proper Roland snare but they are silly money at my stage.
    Does anyone have any advice on how one of these snares is likely to stack up, or should I go for the pdx100?

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    Get the cheapest snare you like the looks of and convert it.
    Example: link + link (or link) + link + link.

    If you decide to get pre-made, at least calculate the price of a decent drum so you have an idea how much they are charging you .
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      Diamonds drums are great or you could look for a used Roland Pd125.