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Recording with td9 and ipad

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  • Recording with td9 and ipad

    I have had my td9 for several years and I often play along with drumless tracks. I recently purchased an iPad and I want to be able to use the drum kits available in the td9 to record my own drum loops into garage band. I also want to be able to record myself drumming to drumless MP3 tracks I have.
    i am very new to recording but I want to take advantage of my iPad and my td9 to record.
    any help would be appreciated.

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    Hey, you didn't specify which model of iPad you're using, but if it's a 2,3 or 4, a good option might be an Alesis IO dock II (not the dock I, it was buggy)
    If you have a newer iPad, then the FocusRite dock with a USB-MIDI converter cable may work as well.

    I use my TD-11 module connected to an IO dock II to record BOTH the audio from the module and the MIDI events into separate tracks in my iPad 2 DAW
    I use Cubasis as its way more flexible than Garageband and is super stable on my old iPad 2.
    Recording both formats allows me to either use the module sounds, or substitute an iPad drum kit, or even layer the two for depth and richness!

    Unfortunately the TD-11 is NOT a USB class-compliant device... boo! Roland
    ...or otherwise I could plug the TD module directly into the iPad via the Apple CCK and get both audio and MIDI (I think the latest Roland kits do actually support this)

    let me know if you have any other questions about my setup, it works quite well for my purposes...
    (a bonus is the IO dock charges the iPad)