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What to buy? Upgrading from Alessis DM6 ($1000-1500 budget)

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  • What to buy? Upgrading from Alessis DM6 ($1000-1500 budget)

    Hi folks. I'm a relatively new drummer (girlfriend bought me the Alessis DM6 a year and a half ago) and I think I've definitely got the bug. I've played a few live shows on friend's acoustic kit, and regularly use my DM6 for practice. I live in a small apartment so electronic drums are all I can manage at this time. I'm wondering, what should I go to next to upgrade from my current setup?

    Budget: $1000-1500 (somewhat flexible) (open to used or refurbished also)
    Primary uses: Solo practice, learning, occasional band practice (with an amp), possibly an occasional live gig
    Features I wish I had:
    • Half-open high hat (ideally with a smooth transition from closed to open)
    • Two or three zone ride cymbal
    • Better kick drum (the alessis kick is finicky and prone to double taps)
    • Cymbal choke
    • Quieter cymbal pads
    • (Maybe?) mesh heads
    • (Maybe?) flexibility to upgrade pads later

    I've tried out a few at Guitar Center and generally like the nice Roland kits with mesh heads. But I'm wondering if those with more experience in this area might offer me some recommendations? Any particularly noteworthy models stand out?

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    I recently got a good deal on a Roland TD11KV kit, ended up paying right in the middle of your price range. I would say it meets all of your criteria, except maybe the live gig part... not sure how portable you'd consider the kit. Seems that shops are willing to discount the TD11 kits now, not sure if that means that something new is on the horizon, but it's a very solid kit.