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Alesis DM10 Studio mesh v Alesis Command

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  • Alesis DM10 Studio mesh v Alesis Command

    I am trying to decide on whether to buy the Alesis DM10 Studio mesh or the newer Command kit, does anyone have any views or advice?

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    I recommend running away from Alesis as fast as you can! Seriously, I recently bought the Forge kit (lower priced version of Command, rubber pads instead of mesh) and ended up returning it within a week. The module is a mess, quality of the pads/cymbals was lacking, kick pad was very loud, their support was terribly frustrating, and the sounds were mostly gimmicky. Command kit has dual zone snare and toms, but single zone cymbals - the module will not work with dual zone cymbals if you ever want to upgrade. Want to use a double bass pedal? The kick input won't recognize hits fast enough, you have to run a separate cable to the Tom 4 input. I have no experience with the DM10, but I can tell you that the Forge/Command kits are closer to toys than serious drum kits.

    If you want all mesh pads, I think you'd be much better served by saving up a bit more $$ and getting the Roland TD11KV. If mesh toms are not so important, the TD11K or Yamaha TDX522 are about the same price as the Alesis Command kit.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      You have sort of confirmed what I was thinking about the Command being a backward step from the DM10 Studio mesh. I know that "proper" drummers don't like Alesis but almost every DM10 review I've read is positive about the module and the value for money. I am just a beginner so I can put up with the negatives in order to get a kit for half what a Roland would cost.
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        I would choose the DM10 over the Command. The DM10 module is a very capable module. Only problem might be crosstalk. You will have to spend some time adjusting the crosstalk settings.
        Yamaha DTXtreme III Special Kit


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          Originally posted by hameedx View Post
          The DM10 module is a very capable module.
          Yeah the DM10 module has some useful potential, although it can be time consuming to make the kits sound more realistic.
          Check out this info about some improvements to try:
          Btw, Alesis made it difficult to share individual kits by only allowing all of them to be saved and loaded together.
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