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PA System Suggestions, por favor!

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  • PA System Suggestions, por favor!

    OK, here it is: I trust your opinions people. Not only that, but you amuse me with your responses in the mean time.

    What would be the best quality PA System for a med. size band: 2 guitar, 2 keyboard, 1 bass, 1 drummer, 1 percussionist, 2 hor players, 5 singers. Please included Mixer, amps, speakers and any outboard equipment you deem necessary.

    Yes, we have a set v-drums, but we will more than likely be traveling with an acoustic set, so please also include drum mics you'd recommend if you don't mind.

    Also, if it's no extra trouble to you, could you give me a breakdown on pricing? by the way, this is a great forum, even if Roland does run it. ;-) Just kidding! (I was simply referring to a post I read a while back accusing Roland of desiging this website to promote V-drums. Ha - I laugh.
    Have a wonderful day, and for Pete's sake, send me your opinions. oh yeah - I'd like to stay under $2000. I know, your sides are hurting from laughing. that is pretty funny, huh!

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    Not the worlds expert on PA but try the Mackie SRM 450's and save for the Subs to go wih it for later. My bands going with that soon.
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      That's a pretty big order to fill there fella. Harmony-Central might yield a better response.


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        I second Mustang Mick's choice of the Mackie SRM450's. I have two SRM450's and one SRS1500 sub. It is versitale in that you don't have to use all the components, you can just bring in one SRM450 if you are doing a small gig, or add the sub for a medium gig, or add the second SRM450 for a full blown knock the house down sound system. You can start out with one SRM450 and one SRS 1500 sub and a small Mackie mixer with or without built in effects. This will come in under $2000 and you won't believe the quality of sound for the size. For most jobs I now put the sub directly to my side and sit the SRM 450 directly on top of the sub and I point the front of the sub at me and I point the SRM450 out toward the audience but just tilted in toward me so that I can hear it as well but it is not blowing my ears out. This setup is not too hard to transport and it will do most gigs with no problem. The kick drum sound is so cool sounding with the SRS1500 hitting you right in the butt. Trust me, you will not be sorry with the Mackie system.


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          Originally posted by RU4G:
          [B]...a med. size band: 2 guitar, 2 keyboard, 1 bass, 1 drummer, 1 percussionist, 2 hor players, 5 singers. Please included Mixer, amps, speakers and any outboard equipment you deem necessary.
          ...oh yeah - I'd like to stay under $2000. B]
          Sorry man, but if you're looking for a band PA to handle your 13 plus inputs (20 plus if you go acoustic), $2,000 isn't even going to come close. My band is looking to upgrade, and we are looking at $5,500 for a 1000 watt system, Mackie mixer, monitors, 4 cabinets, mics, cables, power strips, mixer case, snake, etc, etc, it adds up fast!! You get what you pay for - so be careful. You might find a starving band unloading their gear somewhere for around $2599 - $3000. Good luck hunting!

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            Try building your own cabinets. You can get all the stuff online IE Speakers, cables, jacks..etc Then just find some plans online If you find the right design you can build a cabinet that would kill any commercial cab for half the price.


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              Hey Man I live in Concord, NC just a few miles from you...

              Not to sound negative, but a lot of venues now have gone to "House Systems"

              This usually includes full PA and Lighting...

              Just make sure you have your "OWN" Sound Technician or you might regret it...

              Worth checking into...Plus you would have to spend between $5,000-$10,000 for a system that would be ample for that many musicians; unless you get a piece of crap that won't do the job!! ** BEWARE **