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Output Cables???

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  • Output Cables???

    What is the best Cables to use to connect the TD-10 to Amp source? Do you need a direct box? Shielded? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.........


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    When I look at what Roland supplies and consider that I have used other, better quality, cable with no audible difference, I'd recommend you get a decent shielded cable which won't easily break down from hard bends. That seems to be where it counts. I can't see spending a lot of money on them. If you move them around alot and they see some abuse, you might consider spending the $$ and getting something which will hold up better.

    The TD uses unbalanced 1/4" inputs. The only time I use a direct box is when the TD needs to plug into something with balanced/xlr type inputs.

    From what I have learned from this site, the balanced lines are particularly helpful for long runs (like to the FOH).

    Has anyone found a cable which will offer a noticible difference in sound (assuming a short cable length is all that's needed?
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      Alas, i am one of those dreaded "audiophiles" so i use Kimber all silver (at a price near that of the drums themselves for a 5 meter length of cable). A good cable for low dollars would be, IMHO, basic Monster Cable, what a local musician store ofers as "better quality" or the like. It technically does not HAVE TO be shielded, but shielding can help keep outside interference from negatively effecting the electrical audio signal.

      NOTICE: i am avoiding the "cables sound different or do not sound different" debate.

      Enjoy the music,

      Steven R. Rochlin http://www.EnjoyTheMusic.com

      Enjoy the music,

      Steven R. Rochlin


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        I have a similar question. Currently I am running a 1/4" cable direct from my TD-8 master out (L/mono) into a 1/4" -> XLR adapter which plugs into my single SRM450. Would there be any advantage to using a direct box instead of the adaptor? There is a bit of noise (hiss) coming from the horn -- would a direct box fix this problem?
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          Nothing wrong with those small wires inside the TD10. That short length offers very little resistance when you consider the length of the patch cord you will be plugging into it. What about the size of the circuit board traces? Those carry the same signals.


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            Originally posted by Enjoy the Music.com:

            A good cable for low dollars would be, IMHO, basic Monster Cable
            Gee, I don't think I've ever heard THAT before!!!


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              I found for me the best way to run my TD-10 is with a DI box. I use a stereo DI box 2 outs from my TD-10 to the DI, 2 Hi outs to my Crate apm for monitoring, and then 1 or 2 low z outs to the board depending on board room and/or if they are running stereo. Does any one know what kind of DI box I should get if I want to run all 8 outs? 3 more stereo DI's and the Mic and 1/4 cables will cost a small fortune. Also can I send the percussion group to any out?

              Ted H.
              Ted H.


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                Hey, Feef

                Thanks for the post. I was just wondering about that, and your post was there before I even got to the bottom



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                  hey drmose, i sent you an email. please call me at 202 708 5921.