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Mackie (RCF) 400A Speakers!

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  • Mackie (RCF) 400A Speakers!

    Whew!! I'm totally blown away. I just got back from Washington Music Center where I picked up 2 Mackie (RCF) 400A's. I was thinking of getting the two SRM 450's as a monitoring system, but Mike Bennett, the salesman, told me they were running a special on some speakers that are better than either the JBL Eon's or the Mackie 450's.

    I didn't get to hear the Eon's but in my mind there's not even any comparison between the 450's and the 400A's. I'm not sure what all the specs are on them but I do know they have a 15" driver and 100 watts more power than the 450's. Chuck's normally sell them for $1500 a pair but right now they're running a closeout special for $1195 a pair. That's a hundred bucks off what they sell the 450's for.

    I'm sorry if I sound like an ad but I'm just floored by these things and wanted to let anyone else know about this deal if you're in the market for some speakers. So far I've only played the TD-10 demo through them without the pads. I haven't even hooked them up to a mixer yet.

    If anyone's in the market for 2 Eon's or 450's you definitely owe it to yourself to listen to the 400A's. I'll stop blabbing now and just keep smiling!

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    A test drive around the block ain't the same as layin' rubber down the 1/4 mile. Keep us posted.


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        We have the Mackie 450's with the Subs. The subs make the difference. the 12's just don't have the bottom of either the 400a's or the Eons. I also think the EON's sound warmer than the Mackies. I like the EON cooling design a lot better than Mackie.


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          Well, after a few weeks of using the 400A's I'm still glad I purchased them. I'm having some minor issues with them sounding the way I want but that's simply because of the way the mixer and effects I'm using have to be run. Hopefully, in the near future I'll be getting a Mackie board and that should take care of the quirks I have to deal with. When you plug these things in direct to the TD-10 and play the sample song they totally rock.
          I'm convinced they're still one of the best decisions I could have made for using them as monitors.

          I didn't really have anything new to add to my original post I just wanted to keep everyone updated, per Marc's request.



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            Its sounds like the 400s are more like the JBL Eon G2s in their specs. I might recommend that you try out a BBE 482 with your two 400 units. It can add back a lot of sound.

            My opinion (I have 2 G2s and am satisfied) is that to really get the killer sound you have to spend a lot more money. Its probably all about headroom. The more the merrier. I have heard a huge difference with a 4000 watt system as opposed to my 800 watts. Of course the cost is substantially different too!!


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              I agree with you about a larger system producing the best results. In the near future though, I'm going to buy a Mackie mixer, and that will help a lot. The current mixer I'm using is actually a Marantz 6 track recorder which has some inherent limitations. I'm also using a BBE Sonic Maximizer (442?) but because of the design of the mixer when you change the high's or low's on the BBE it also changes the volume level. It's a real pain!

              In a previous post Bruce commented that his V-Customs sounded great with his Mackie CFX16 board. He also has the Mackie sub though too. I think the CFX also automatically separates the sub signal when you're using one. As you were saying rpg, the more money you spend the better your sound. That's an unfortunate fact of life.


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                I am a fan of the SRM-450's, I have two of them for my vdrum monitoring, and we have an SRS-1500 sub for the mains.

                The RCF ART400A looks cool, and I want to hear them. But, take a look at a couple comparisons:

                - The Mackie is 26 pounds lighter, that's a big deal to me since I have to lug these puppies around all the time.

                - The RCF is bigger at about 18"x15"x29", the Mackie is about 15.5"x15"x26".

                - It seems the RCF has its low frequency rolloff only 5Hz below the Mackie. I would have guessed it would have more low end for being larger and having a 15" woofer. But, it appears the RCF has 2KHz more high end.

                - I like the auto-turn off feature that the Mackie has.

                - The Mackie has 100W highs and 300W lows, the RCF has 50W highs, and 300W lows. Same power for a larger 15" cone.

                - They produce the same maximum volume.

                Yah, so I'm a specs junkie. But I need to hear the RCF's, thats the most important part.
                Tom Conner


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                  hey guys whats up im looking to buy a nice speaker for my vdrum i have two bose stick with 6 sub it great but it hard to get out in front of it with stages being what they a to small , so im looking for the best sound for play back for me on stage i like to hear what the drums sound like