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td-8 problem...

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  • td-8 problem...

    i have recently purchased a pintech kit (dual trigger ConcertCast ST pads) and Td-8 module.
    The rim triggers don't work correctly on any imputs except the snare imput, and although say, trigger 11 is struck, and the trigger 11 sound plays, the module shows that a random trigger is hit, except for 1 or two.

    Could this be a crosstalk problem? i am using a gibralter rack that has been stuffed with packing popcorn, but my pads are an inch or less apart.

    How about the rim triggers not working. COuld this be a problem with the pad settings, or the sensitivity?


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    Sorry to break the news (Again) but you can only use the "snare" input #3 to get a head and rim trigger. The other inputs are head only. As for your second question... Yes it does sound like a crosstalk problem. Try Going into setup,triger,down to crosstalk. Hit the pad, the note chase will automatically jump to the pad(s) that is mis-triggering. Raise the crosstalk level one step then hit the pad again. Continue hitting and raising the level of crosstalk until you eliminate the problem. There are other parameters that could also cause this, sensitivity for example, but I would try adjusting the crosstalk first.