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Transporting V Drums

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  • Transporting V Drums

    Lately I have been moving my set (V Pro)twice a week. Some of you might be interested in some moving tips.

    The snare, toms, TD-10 and the four PD's fit nicely into a wheeled duffle bag purchased at Costco. You will need to cut some cardboard dividers for separation and protection.

    The best trick is to install wheels on your rack. Purchase the black plastic locking casters at Home Depot. Using a hole saw ( 1 1/2" I believe), cut out four plugs from some solid 3/4" wood. Hammer each of the plugs into the bottom legs of your rack. You will need to drill a small hole through the side of the rack at the bottom in order to screw in a small set screw. Pop on the wheels. Done deal.

    The procees will take an hour. Now you can role the complete rack folded with all the triggers entact. Don't forget to lock the wheels at a gig! You may end up front-center or in someone's lap.

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    I believe Gibraltar has wheels which attach to 1,5" rack tubes as well
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      Wish I would have known! Guitar Center is not the greatest source for helping out. they knew nothing of the wheels. Looking on the bright side, my wheels cost about twenty dollars or less. Thanks for letting everyone know.