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Decoding Hihat MIDI Data

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  • Decoding Hihat MIDI Data

    Hi, I'm recording my TD9 (VH11 hats) over MIDI using sound libraries rather than the onboard Roland sounds. Nothing seems to decode the hihat data (open/closed etc) properly and I can't find a key for how to do it or what's what anywhere. It actually gets worse because sometimes the actual closing generates a MIDI note so you get an extra hihat 'chink'. I paly a lot of open-closed hats round the snare but what I'm getting back doesn't match. I'm technical so I can cope with detail, down to the binary if need be ;-) but I can't figure what's fired on what note.
    Thanks in advance

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    Are you running a VST?, if so which one as some ignore most those midi notes and run off the CC position from the Hi-Hat pedal. Addictive drums for example you can not set the foot close or splash midi note, in fact you are best not to set those at all and just set the notes for the pedal position, tip and shaft, the software itself uses the CC position to switch sound banks and also the pedal movement speed/acceleration to the floor and upwards to trigger the close and splash banks of sounds. So it depends which software you are using, All the modules put out pretty much the same MIDI triggers just sometimes different notes


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      This sounds similar to the problem in thus thread. Maybe it will help.

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        Thanks guys. Yes. Cubase and Kompact Player. Investigation continues...


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          Great stuff, just checked that thread, just checked the settings. Spot on. Will try it and post back. Hours and hours and hours. Thanks guys. Should've checked on here earlier :-)


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            I have been trying to solve a similar issue with an Octapad SPD-30, FD-8 pedal and an assortment of VSTs. The menu is not the same as the TD-9 but this could be new hope for a solution. I cannot get the pedal to close the hats in the VST.
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