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Big Beat as extension?

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  • Big Beat as extension?

    At this moment there is for sale in my area a Big Beat DD5 ( nice price). Don't know if it is available in other countries, but I think it is the same as Medelli, maybe other names.
    I do have a Roland TD9.
    The question is: Is it an idea to use the DD5 as extension so I have more toms and cymbals, or is this no combination as playabilty?

    The target should be to use the DD5 pad's, cymbals & computer, and just mix both drumkits in the PA.

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    You would be much better off with a tmc6 or tm2 by Roland.
    Adding a different module can bring lots of unwanted problems such as crosstalk and being able to use another's pads.
    "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

    Mimic Pro, SPD-SX, 2-QSC K-10s, K-sub, Yamaha mixer, and a bunch of other expensive cool things!


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      Yes of-course a roland extension is better, but these are not for sale for a nice price.
      I don't understand crosstalk problems. The TD9 ( pads/cymbals/module) will be the TD9 as it is now. The DD5 (pads/cymbals/module) is just the DD5 as it is too.
      Just mounting the pads/cymbals between the TD9. Both outputs going to the mixer/PA.

      What I am affraid of is the feeling of the pad's. They will not be the same as the Roland.
      I am affraid that it is difficult to play, if one pad is soft and another hard.
      But I am not sure about that, maybe you get used to it quick? I don't know

      The distance from my house were it is standing is to big for just driving there and try it myself.


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        Crosstalk = hitting one pad and having another pad sound at the same time due to vibration. Think hitting a low tom and having the sound of a crash cymbal go off at the same time.
        The TD-9 has settings to keep this from happening. Look for it in your manual.
        I have a TD-30 and TD-9 mixed together on the same rack and one of my toms causes a ride cymbal to sound off very slightly, I actually like this sound so it's usable in my setup. It took a lot of tweaking to get it to only two pads having issues. Both modules have enough pad settings that I was able to get an acceptable result.
        I doubt the DD5 has very many pad settings to help with this problem.

        Now, if you keep the two kits separate (on their own racks) you will not have this problem. I think this would be very hard to do.

        The least of the problems will be with the feel. You get used to that very quickly. Your cymbals already feel different from the drums right?
        The sounds of the DD5 could be a problem also unless the DD5 has a midi out connection to trigger the TD-9 sounds, if so then no problems there.

        If the price is that great it will be a small gamble and some work to get it together. You can also sell off the parts you don't use.
        Worst case will be you can't make it work and will have a second kit. Got kids or a good friend? Or you can sell it for what you paid, hopefully.

        If this were an easy thing to do you would see a lot more folks with 2 kits mixed. You can always find a 2nd kit cheap.
        More folks buy extra pads and splitters (special splitters) to get more stuff to hit. This also has issues but not nearly as many.

        It would have to be a really great price for me to take the chance on adding a low quality kit to a high quality one such as the TD-9.

        Let us know how it works out if you go that route and best of luck!

        "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

        Mimic Pro, SPD-SX, 2-QSC K-10s, K-sub, Yamaha mixer, and a bunch of other expensive cool things!


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          Okay thank you for the complete story!
          This crosstalking did I not think of. And you are right, that can be difficult to get right. I expect the mecanical damping of the DD5 will be not as good as the TD9

          The price is nice as I said. About $50,- ( + 25 fuel )
          Not sure what to do, I think about it. Maybe better save the money for the last extension at the TD9.


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            Gambling $75 I would not have a problem doing to get a bunch of parts to play with.
            IF the rack is the same size as the one with the TD-9 (most are) it could be used to add a section just for the DD5 pads which might take care of any crosstalk.
            IF the DD5 has midi out you simply use a midi cable to the TD-9 midi in so that any pad on the DD5 triggers a TD-9 sound. It appears that it does not have this. It may have usb which will not interface with the TD-9 even if using a usb to midi cable as far as I know.
            You could run the phones out of the DD5 to the mix in of the TD-9 and use it for conga, bongo, cowbell, etc. if those sounds are suitable.

            It does seem a cheap way to add something just not sure what or how (that's the gamble part).
            To be honest I would keep an eye out for something more usable such as a TMC-6 or a TD-4, TD-6 module which are discontinued and can be found cheap.
            Check out the DIY threads on how to make pads cheaply.

            Good luck.
            "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

            Mimic Pro, SPD-SX, 2-QSC K-10s, K-sub, Yamaha mixer, and a bunch of other expensive cool things!