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KT-10 as a hi-hat controller?

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  • KT-10 as a hi-hat controller?

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    It can't and it won't work. HH controllers/pedals work by providing different resistance between tip and sleeve of the jack depending on the position of the pedal, or more correctly, based on the pressure the foot is producing on the pedal. This is done by using a FSR (force sensing resistor) inside the pedal/controller.
    KT-10 is a piezo based trigger. Piezo is basically a ceramic disk on a brass base and when the ceramic is deformed (e.g. by a hit or vibration) it produces a short electrical signal with amplitude corresponding to how hard you hit. Continuously pressing on it won't produce any electrical event, thus it can't work as a HH controller. Why would you want to do this in the first place ?
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      The answer is no, because the KT-10 is a piezo trigger and you need continuous controller. Practically it also wouldn't work because a hammer action is the polar opposite of what you need.

      Your choice is to get a regular hi hat stand with a VH-11 or you can DIY a controller, so I've seen on these forums. Jman also sells a magnetic controller for 2box modules that goes under a regular hi hat stand pedal.
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          Get a FSR and use any pedal you want
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