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I need an experienced V-drummer advice

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  • I need an experienced V-drummer advice

    I m buying V-Custom soon, perhaps anyone feel like help me with some good experienced advice,
    as a matter of fact there are some changes I going to make,
    Love to hear yore comments .

    Well, the basic will be V-Custom set,

    1.Instead of the 2 PD-7 that supposed to stand for cymbal Ill take the new CY-6 (the new cymbal comes with the TD-6 model, I played it in the srore and it is mach more real than the pads)

    2.replace the KD-80 with a cheap KD-7 Im playing single pedal any way

    3.Im not sure it is necessary to have mesh-head for all 3 toms, perhaps Ill take 3 duel trigger rubber pads around the same price.

    4.Is it just me or this set is missing a ride ?? - way not adding a CR-15R (Will it work properly with the TD-8 ?

    Dose the TD-10 worthy fore this price difference ???

    Soon to be a V- drummer . D-bass