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Thoughts on case(s) for TD11

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  • Thoughts on case(s) for TD11

    Anyone have any recommendations for a transport case for the TD11. This would only be used for local (car) transport between practice locales, no shipping or gigging,

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just follow your "case" - tag ; -)
    Should work for TD-11 components, as well ...

    Best, Michael
    td-30 user ;-)


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      Thanks, these links are helpful. Some ore older and the hyperlinks to the products are no longer available - although there are comparable products. Besides case reviews, I am also wondering if anyone had used non-instrument cases for this type of transport - e.g., RubberMaid or something along those lines. Again, not shipping or taking to gigs - just remote practice.

      Thanks again,


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        I have the Millenium E-Drum Bag
        Is cheap, well made, is able to accommodate an entire TD-15KV set with the hardware and even the throne, does get pretty heavy but is still movable. 15" cymbal can be fitted, though not comfortably. The standard TD-11K/KV set will go inside with room to spare. Of course talking without the rack.
        For occasional move and storage does a great job. Weights about 7kg itself (empty) and is huge - bigger then looks on the pictures . Still will fit any 4(5) door car - if not in the trunk, on the back seat. Hope that helps.
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