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Can TD10 Pads be used with a TD30?

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  • Can TD10 Pads be used with a TD30?

    I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but just wanted to double check. I have a TD10 with the following specs:

    1 TD-10 Brainbox
    2 PD-120 Toms & Snare
    2 PD-100 Toms
    2 KD-120 Kicks
    1 CY-14C crash
    1 PD-9 China
    1 CY-15R Ride
    1 CY-12H Hi-Hat

    I want to upgrade to the TD30 so I can get the more realistic hihat pad, but otherwise I want to use all of the same pads as my current kit. I know the main difference between these pads and the new ones is the new ones have better rim response, but other than that one issue, will the old pads sound pretty much the same on the TD30 as they do on my TD10? Thanks for any advice.

    - Neil

  • #2
    yes .. i used PD-100/PD-120, KD-120, CY-13 for my TD_30 .. CY-14C and CY-15R should work too .. you can use PD-9 for cowbel and CY-12H for hat but not that great, buy new VH-11, VH-12 or VH-13


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      Thanks for the confirmation tivi! My plan is to get the TD30, and then maybe over the next 5 years or so upgrade a few of my pads. But for the most part, my current pads do me fine.

      - Neil


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        Just to note, I made the switch and indeed all the TD-10 pads work just fine with the TD-30. Yay!

        - Neil