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Problems with FD-7 Hi Hat Foot Control Pedal/PD-7 Pad wiith new TD-30 module

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  • Problems with FD-7 Hi Hat Foot Control Pedal/PD-7 Pad wiith new TD-30 module


    I just purchased a TD-30 module I am trying to use with an older PD-7 and FD-7 HH Control Pedal and am hoping for some advice here on the forum from the experts.

    using ether the CY-5 or the PD-8 default trigger settings

    So with all that: Do any of you just by chance happen to have to good settings for an old FD-7/PD-7 Hi hat that would work well with the TD-30?

    Thanks very much,


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    I tried a friends fd7 with my td8, and the fd6 I have works far, far better than it did. couldn't get a splash at all, and the travel range was smaller. I have read other people saying they thought the fd6 was better.
    Haven't tried an fd8, but it may be worth trying a 6 or 8 to see if they are any better for you....


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      Hi teejay2112,

      Rush fan I see! Me too! Thanks very much for your reply. I had some e-mails over the last several days with Roland US customer support and they got the same results with an FD-8 and a FD-7 with their TD-30 also in their office (lab??). I have a friend who has an FD-8 so I am going to try that my TD-30, but I doubt it will work any better as everything that I have read confirmed that an FD-7 and FD-8 are electrically identical. This has been frustrating because the TD-30 manual indicates the FD-8 will operate with a TD-30 (just not very well apparently). This is an issue for anyone out there who might move to a TD-30, but not be able to get a newer hi-hat pad set like the VH-11/12/or 13. I am still going to fuss round with this and see if I can get it to work any better and will post any positive results if I get any. I asked they folks at Roland to consider fixing this problem and/or changing the TD-30 manual to indicate the an FD-8 is not "fully compatible" with a TD-30. They agreed to forward my comments onto their product development group in Japan. In the meantime though I am looking at getting a newer hi hat pad set.




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        Just to see what dif it makes I would set the type to VH-12 or VH-13. When you do the HH calibration instead of loosening the HH clutch like you would do per the instructions # 3 on those type of Hi Hats, press the FD-7 pedal down/close and hold it down for the calibration. The thing about those VH Hi Hats is there are additional settings you can make to tweak it a bit. Worth a try anyway. J 1.
        2. In the TRIGGER HI-HAT screen (p. 128), press the [F4] (OFFSET) button.
        The VH OFFSET ADJUSTMENT screen will appear.

        3. Loosen the clutch screw of the top hi-hat and let it sit on the bottom hi-hat.
        * Do NOT touch the hi-hats or the pedal.
        4. Press the [F5] (EXECUTE) button.

        The [TRIGGER] button stops flashing and remains lit.

        I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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          Hi JmanWord,

          Thanks so much for your suggestion to try a VH12/13 calibration on my FD-7...this just might be the ticket! I will try it tonight when I go to practice and will report back what I find out.