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TD11-KV - initial thoughts and issues

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  • Rbryant76
    Yeah i realized the sensitivity was not the way to go..I dialed all that back to about 7, but bumped the kick up to 15..

    Another thing after playing a bit last night, the KD-9 kick pad is so damn loud. Im using plastic heads which I know gives off more noise. I just bought a Falam Slam patch (4 inch) and may change over to felt beaters. My wife says she can hear me up on the 2nd floor, when I am in the basement.

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  • randalpants
    You may want to check out this thread - http://www.vdrums.com/forum/advanced/technical/67143
    (byline: tommy_d)

    Its written mostly for the TD-30, but I found it helpful for the 11-kv which I have as well. Especially step 3 - trigger settings has advice for dialing in threshold, senstivity, etc.

    One thing I didn't notice when I got my kit was that you are supposed to tighten the mesh heads (its on the back of the set up guide). That really helped with my snare.

    I haven't tried any of the bell fixes, but its a known issue and there are work arounds for it in the forums and on youtube.

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  • djska
    1. to be fixed with crosstalk cancel settings
    2. there's a DIY fix, look for CY-12 or 15 bell fix on this forum
    3. not the right approach, completely rules out any dynamics in your playing. Look at the kit volume setting.

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  • Rbryant76
    started a topic TD11-KV - initial thoughts and issues

    TD11-KV - initial thoughts and issues

    So It took me a few days to get my kit setup and tweaked. I think my position and height of pads/cymbals will take some time for me to get ironed out. I'm getting there though.

    I am a beginner for the most part...self taught by listening and all that jazz. I'm 39 years old and since HS always wanted to become a drummer.

    Rewind to 2010, wife and i just got married and put our house up for sale..which meant my drums went into storage to get the basement to feel roomier. They stayed in storage...for THREE years. (since it took that long to sell).

    So we finally moved and I could get the drums out of storage. I had one child at the time and now have two. Having two young kids (1 and 4 year old) made having an acoustic a torture (I could never play it..i could sneak in a song or two when the kids were gone) but it was just a tease. This is all my reasoning for the Vdrums.

    My acoustic kit was a Tama Rockstar. Nothing special by any means.

    I bought a bundle deal from Kraft Music.

    ​My only real issues right now are:

    1. My CY14-C is triggering when I hit the rim/edge of the rack tom below it. From reading I think this is called "crosstalk"? I may move the mount and see what happens. I think this is due to vibration?

    2. The CY14-R ride is a pain to get a bell hit to trigger..it usually fires off a bow hit I think this is due to my technique. I may need to either hit harder or lower the cymbal more.

    Other than that, I already VEXed (with Vdrumlib) the kit with the Sync pack to get the Tama Performer kit and upped the sensitivity on all pads to 20, to get the module a bit louder.

    For the money its not a bad setup...