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Does anyone own a goedrum drum?

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  • Does anyone own a goedrum drum?

    The 12" snare/tom looks great and really cheap -- almost too good to be true. Does anyone out there have any direct experience with one of these plugged into a Roland module? In particular, compared to a PD-125? I'd be interested to see how one of these looks on the inside, but I can't find anything out there, including on youtube.
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    I've never played one of these but I've just come across the eBay site with all their products on it. There is a very interesting hi hat and controller also on it, and many drums parts such as lugs etc.


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      They are made right here, in Taiwan.

      I believe they are pretty much the same as XM drums, but I have never seen the mesh on the goedrum.
      If it is the same as XM, it is a heavy single ply that triggers ok, but it is a little louder.

      goedrum youtube channel:

      There's a demo of the 12" in there
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