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Suggestions on sequencer

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  • Suggestions on sequencer

    OK midi gurus, i need some advice. the more i mess with the sequencing, the more i like it. my question is ,for live performance applications if you were me and wanted to start sequencing some percussion as well as maybe a little keyboard stuff and not invest big at this point what's your choice today and where would you go to get it. we brought a new guitar player in last nite who had several sequences already programmed for the tunes he knew on a little sequencer (i didn't get the name). Wow, what fun that was! Any help appreciated.


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    I think you are looking for the QY70, there's a newer model too, called the QY100. There might even be more little Yammie sequencer, I'm not sure of that.
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      I use a Yamaha QY-10, which is a fairly basic little sequencer that you can pick up dirt cheap ($50.00 or so) in pawn shops or on Ebay, etc. The QY-10 manual is downloadable off of Yamaha's website for free. The QY-10 is not a full-function sequencer compared to the likes of Roland MC series or the various software-based sequencers (Cakewalk, Massiva, etc.), but for someone just starting out I'd definitely recommend it.
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        thanks all..here's another question.

        i've noticed several of the more popular cover bands using quite a bit of sequencing to the point that it sounds as if they have aquired midi files of the more popular tunes and taken out the parts they don't need. even vocals seem to be to close for my comfort...is this possible and if so is there a source for these midi files..

        seems i read a post from someone a while back regarding this technique.



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          Name a band and you can probably find lots of MIDI files for them on the net. It would be a simple matter to download the files for purposes of using them in a live situation with whatever hardware-based sequencer you have. The problems I have with these files personally are as follows:

          1: In terms of such musically relevant matters as being in time or being in tune, most of the MIDI files I've run across just plain blow

          2: A lot of them are in General MIDI format, which I still think has got to be one of the most dubious "innovations" to come down the pike in a while
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            I considered buying an MC-50MkII just recently, but I scrapped that idea when I found out that it doesn't have a SysEx file transfer option, believe it or not. As far as the MC-80 is concerned, it looks like a great piece of gear, especially with the built-in (and expandable) sound source. If you've got the cash......
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              Obviously this is new ground for me but I am the type that once I make my mind up to go for it, nothing stops me so please have patience with my questions here.

              If I were to want to use the midi files for live performance, I am not correct in assuming that the better the sequencer and more sounds available, the closer I could get to the real sound of the original track. My next question is would I be better off just investing in a nice laptop with sequencing software. any thoughts?

              Again, my main objective is to have midi files to play parts that my band does not play at this time. We also do about 30 original tunes and it would be nice to cover some of the production we do in the studio.



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                thanks chris,

                yeah, i can see that maybe i am trying to move too fast here. the dat is a great idea since its already done for our originals. i don't see how that would help with the cover stuff (my ignorance i'm sure). you see, i not a big fan of cover gigs anyway, but when i do covers, i want it to sound just like the original. lately the good cover bands i have heard are doing just that.

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