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Replacing TD-3SV (Module upgraded to TD-6V)

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  • Replacing TD-3SV (Module upgraded to TD-6V)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and was hoping for some advice. I play drums at a church, and over Thanksgiving our church was broken into and the drums were stolen. They were a 10 year old set, and it's been a REALLY long time since I've researched electronic drums, and things have changed quite a bit in 10 years. It was a TD-3SV with an upgraded brain to the TD-6V (mesh snare but regular rubber pads for the rest of the kit).

    The TD-3SV had dual trigger pads for snare, toms, and cymbals. The set that looks equivalent is the TD-11K, but it doesn't look like it has the dual triggers for the cymbals or toms. So, if I go up to the TD-11KV, that looks to be the most similar when factoring in the dual triggers. However, it still seems like I'm not getting back what I had. The 6V brain had 1000+ sounds, along with the snare in the TD-3SV was a PD-80R (which has been replaced with the PD-85BK from what I can tell). The TD-11 module only has 190 sounds and it comes with the PDX-8 snare, which seems like a lesser snare. If I get the TD-11KV, it's nice that the other toms are mesh, but actually I'd rather have them rubber and get all my sounds back, plus the other snare.

    So, I'm trying to find something comparable, but it seems like I'm getting less than I had for actually more $$$. What would you do if you were in my boat? Thanks for any advice you have!

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    The td11 sounds are so much better than the td6's (really, a whole lot better), that I would rather have 190 of them then thousands of the (often gimmicky, and otherwise very electronic) td6's...

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      Hi Saku! I agree the TD11 would be an improvement and Roland filling up the memory with not very useful sounds is not an advantage.

      If you are just changing modules there are very good deals on used TD15's. If you are buying a whole kit the TD25 is the best value if you don't mind spending $2000.


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        Thanks Saku - didn't really know that about the sound quality of the instruments. Hard to tell that in Guitar Center with 4 kids playing loudly on drums and me trying to investigate the TD-11 .