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How to use TD20x and 2BOX together

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  • How to use TD20x and 2BOX together

    First of all , I have read some topics by many keywords ,
    there are some useful relational topics ,
    but ... probably I can't understand very well if they do the same goal ......
    because I can't read English very well .

    I have a Roland TD-20x module and a TD-30KV set .
    The kits I have : PD-128 , CY-14 , CY-15 , PCY-100 , PCY-155 , KT-10 , VH-13 .
    I know these kits have no problems on 2BOX except the VH-13 .
    So ......

    My goal is ...
    I want 2BOX sounds , but I want connect more kits and I want VH-13 .
    Because it is hard to get the 2BOX hihat controller ( mod by some user ) in Asia .

    So I'm planing ...... Sell my TD-30 module , keep the TD-20x .
    Get a used 2BOX set because the price here is as similar as just one new 2BOX module .

    And connect every kits to TD-20x , use VH-13 sound on TD-20x itself .
    Then midi out to the 2BOX module .
    So I can get good sounds , and I can play more kits than just one 2BOX ,
    and I can use a good hihat VH-13 .

    But ... I don't know is it possible ?
    Can I use VH-13 sound on TD-20x , and midi out the remain kits to 2BOX module ?
    Can I output the 2BOX sounds back to TD-20x mix in , after 2BOX process the remain kits ?