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TD30 drum set upgrade more kits , is DTX700 module worth ?

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  • TD30 drum set upgrade more kits , is DTX700 module worth ?


    I have a TD30KV drum set , and now I connect every trigger input .

    If I want connect more kits , I know I can get a TD-9 module ,

    TD-9 midi out to TD-30 midi in .

    But the used TD-9 price is not very low and maybe break in the future I think ,

    I'd like to get a used TD-15 because it's newer , or a new DTX700 .

    TD-15 :

    I can midi out to TD-30 still , and I can sell it in the future ,

    a used TD-15 is just more expensive a bit than a used TD-9 .

    But ......... a NEW DTX-700 is cheaper than a used TD-15 .

    Can I use DTX-700 midi out to TD-30 ? I think probably not .

    I just heard Yamaha module has 3zone cymbal , does DTX-700 has any pros against TD-30 or TD-15 ?

    I guess TD-30 is not awesome on every side , I don't know , I just want get more useful informations ...

    If DTX-700 has good sounds on cymbals , I can connect some of my cymbals to DTX-700 module ,

    then connect other kits to TD-30 .

    Finally , I can play more kits and have better (cymbal) sounds than just only one TD-30 module ?

    ( now I use 5 Yamaha PCY cymbals on my TD-30 already ... )
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    I would consider Roland TM-2 and 2box for expansion modules too. The price difference is extreme between these two, but both would allow you to use a custom wav(s) so you could have the best sampled cymbal from a VSTi if you desired. Depends on how many more inputs you need really, although 2box in particular, can be quite a bit more involved than just playing the single wav, price is relative to what you could really do with it.
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      Yamaha does not have the exact same internal MIDI map, so connecting the Yamaha to the Roland with a MIDI cable and using Roland's sounds will be hard to do.

      If you are only using the TD30 sounds, no VST, then you could get any module, take the output (like headphones output) to the Mix In input of the TD30. Then you would have Roland's own sounds, and Yamaha's own sounds.

      If you plan on using VST, get another module from the same company.
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