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Used V-pro price?

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  • Used V-pro price?

    I'm looking to get into the Vdrum market and a salesman from a music store quoted me a price of $2500 for a used V-Pro kit. It was used in a studio for roughly a year. I've not seen it yet but assuming it's in good condition can anyone tell me if that's a fair price or should I look elsewhere? Also, I was considering using Pintech ConcertCast ST's for the toms and the Ck-V kick but the salesman said there's a significant differance between the Roland's and the Pintech's. Is this true? The store's about two hours away so I haven't had a chance to demo anything yet. I just wanted to be armed with as much knowledge as possible when I go there.

    I really appreciate all the informative posts on this BB. All opinions, observations, and suggestions are welcome!



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    I don't know the actual prize for a new pro set in the US but - let's say - $2500 is not cheap for a used kit. Perhaps you can get it a bit cheaper.

    There's a difference in quality between the Pintech pads and Roland pads. Although the Pintechs aren't bad, the Roland pads are better.


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      I just paid $3,299 for a brand new one. I shopped around a lot. That's the cheapest I found anywhere. The next lowest price was $3,499.

      Since you're getting it from a music store, any chance they'll give you any type of warranty on it?

      Reverend Poppy
      Reverend Poppy


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        Thanks Puttenvr and Rev. Poppy for your responses. I believe I may have found a better deal at the Washington Music Center. Since I still want to use my acoustic cymbals they'll let me piece meal a set together. That way I'll get what I need and not have to pay for stuff I don't want.




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          V Drums have very good resale value. The Pros consistently pull $3000 + on Ebay every time. I'm amazed people pay so much for used.


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            If you haven't bought a set of "E" drums yet there is another option. I'm part of a company called "Zombies" and we manufacture digital drums in Baltimore. You are welcome to call and very welcome to come and see them live. We are using an Alesis DM-5, we have used the drums with a Alesis D4 and a Roland TD-10 (but we weren't able to experiment extensively with the TD-10, because it was in a store setting.We should have a lot more info on our drums triggering thru the TD-10 in the next week or so but "right out of the box, the salespeople loved it). It's hard walking the line between being a "human" and a "salesperson".
            But simple put we don't "sell these drums". were just glad to show you what we have.

            Check out our listing on E-Bay "Not Roland V Drums" and E-Mail or call us if you'd like.

            Jim in Baltimore


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              YO! I got an price from www.music123.com on the V-Pro for $2,999. Thought that was a great price. I have been seriously considering the V-Session Set at $4,199. Thought I could buy the V-Pro at $2,999 and add the expansion card and three v-cymbals and be cheaper than the V-Session Kit. That way you have three PD-9's extra out of the deal. What does everyone else think of this?
              Start Young, Play Hard, Rock On!!!


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                Originally posted by fredinator:
                ...That way you have three PD-9's extra out of the deal. What does everyone else think of this?
                You may need tthe "Holy Grail".



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                  Originally posted by fredinator:
                  That way you have three PD-9's extra out of the deal. What does everyone else think of this?
                  Don't forget to add the KD-120 too if you're trying to compare to the Session Kit.