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VH-13, Cy-15R, PD128S

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  • VH-13, Cy-15R, PD128S

    Hi,Would upgrading to VH-13, CY-15R and PD128S offer noticeable player improvements compared to the VH-11, CY12R/C, and PD-105 that I am using now with a TD-12 module? I am looking for the best possible player experience using a TD-12 module.
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    It's an interesting question you ask here, and as the TD-12 is relatively new, there's not much info about it anywhere, so it's hard to tell, I'll tell you what, you should order the pads, try it out and report, other than that, I don't see how you could find it out, or maybe someone has some infos somewhere, it's so dark on the Net these days!

    And now about something completely different, I have a question too, do you have any idea why there's not a single one to answer to this other thread? http://www.vdrums.com/forum/general/...out-tom-tuning

    Sometimes I don't understand why some threads get a lot of attention, and some others not? Sorry couldn't help asking


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      The TD12 is an older module. The VH13 might perform like the VH12 with a td12 if it works properly. A pd125 should be the same as the PD128 on the TD12.


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        I can't see them being any better on an old module. Maybe get pd125 as mentioned but those parts would cost a fortune new.
        By the way happy dude. I read that thread and I just couldn't answer any of the questions being asked or have any thoughts on it.
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          Your experience will be enhanced using a Cy-15r on a TD-12 but only because of the size, It just feels / acts more like a ride cymbal.
          The VH-13 and PD-128 offer the TD-12 nothing that your current pads don't already have.
          A PD-125 would add a couple of inches to the size just like the CY-15.

          Happy_Dude I have posted to your thread.
          "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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            To all of this;

            Noticeable triggering improvements? Not much, almost nil.

            Noticeable feel improvements? Yes, VH-13 is the closest you can get to rubber A-hats, but worst value option when the VH-11 plays the same, and it's slightly quieter. Some don't even want the moving cymbals or trigger problems, and go FD-8.

            CY-15R and PD128S; bigger size does make a difference to kit feel (Less like a toy imo) side note; Roland should have made a CY-17R by now.
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              On the other hand, the CY-15, if not modified, is hard to trigger on the bell when the CY-13R doesn't have such a hard bell curve, so that the CY-13R, being also less expansive, is a better option if you need another cymbal. But it won't trigger better than the CY-12 either. Difference between PD-128 and PD-125 is only relevant if you plan to use a TD-30 or TD-25 module, and even so, it's so slight you could as not notice it at all (it's been discussed in detail over long threads). Same goes for the VH-13, it might as well not perform properly at all because it has another curve for pedal closeness, maybe it would be out of range of the TD-12 calibration function. Apart from this different curve (and the color), it's the only difference with the VH-12, which has no more sensitivity than the VH-11. So all in all, imo you'd spend 1000$ for getting nothing fundamentally better or more than what you have right now. Adding another tom, another snare, another cymbal, a percussion element, another side module, etc., could rock your world instead.


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                The VH13 would make sense if you are thinking of getting a TD30 module in the future. I had the VH13 work with a TD25 module except for the pressure sensitivity. The TD12 should pick up the extra pressure on the hi hat. [the extra tight closed sound on the td12, 20 and 30 only] .

                The Vh13 has better control of the edge trigger on my TD30. This was critical for me because I record a lot of Afrobeat type hi hat and trigger sample libraries. Otherwise,a larger ride and snare are much better in my opinion .