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KD-9 bass drum not aligned to pedal

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  • KD-9 bass drum not aligned to pedal

    No amount of Googling and thread searching seems to reveal anything about this problem, so I'm wondering if I'm crazy. There is no shortage of complaints about wobbling and lack of stability, and I think most of these problems may be related to vertical alignment between the pedal and the pad mounting plate.

    I use DW 9000 pedals mounted to a Roland KD-9 bass drum pad. The KD-9 when sitting at rest must be pushed back a few inches for the vertical bars to be parallel with the wall. This would be fine and well, except at this point, the mounting plate is about 1/2 inch higher than the bottom of the pedal mounting plate. An obvious attempt at solving the problem would be to start stuffing random things into the gap to snug it up, but that seems like a crappy approach and prone to a different set of problems.

    Has anyone taken the base plate off of the KD-9 to see if the core bass plate structure can be adjusted somehow? The manual (http://roland.com/support/article/?q...-9&id=61922134) says nothing more than "hook it up and go".

    Am I alone with this?

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    The metal plate where the pedal attaches can be freely rotated up and down. It needs some amount of force but can be adjusted by hand. Put the KD-9 with the pedal attached on a flat hard surface and adjust that so the pedal is aligned and has full contact with the ground. Then try to move it back to it's place with the pedal still attached. That's what I do, though dunno if I could explain it well in En.
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      Yeah, I noticed that it rotates a little, but that doesn't affect the overall height of the bar itself. The diagram in the owners manual shows the bars that support the pad being perfectly vertical and parallel to the rack legs. Mine seems to lean forward which causes a lot of motion whenever I kick.


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        I'll take a pic tomorrow how mine looks. But I can tell you, that it is in contact with the floor only with it's rear part where the spurs are . It is very important to have it on a carpet of some sort so it can additionally stick to it with that strip it has on the bottom.
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