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Enhance TD-15 with TD-25 or 2Box

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  • Enhance TD-15 with TD-25 or 2Box


    I’m a little confused (nothing new) on connecting two modules. I’d like to improve the sounds of my TD-15. I have worked with VST but in an effort to reduce latency, I would rather keep all the sounds internal if possible.

    I’ve been reading many enjoy the sounds of the new TD-25 over most previous models including the TD-15. However, the TD-25 is apparently quite limited in its functionality. So my first question – is it possible to connect a TD-15 and TD-25? If so, what I’m hoping for is the keep the functionality of the 15 but use the sounds of the 25. I realize neither of these units have a “MIDI In” so may require some sort of USB/MIDI In/Out converter.

    The next option may be to sell my TD-15 and purchase a TD-30. I’m not going to rule this out but I really don’t need any additional functionality (and in fact may be a bit intimidated by the 30). The 15 does most everything I need -- I just want it to sound better.

    OR as others have noted, is 2Box a better way to go (http://www.vdrums.com/forum/general/...h-worlds/page2)? However, I would still like to utilize my TD-15 as my primary unit to control pads, kits, etc. I’d like to simply use something like the 2Box’s DrumIt3/5 for their “better” sounds. But, as Kenster alluded to in the above post, maybe I’m wishing for the best of both worlds and as often is the case, this is just not possible.

    I apologize for my lack of insight but this seems to be the place to go for answers.

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    There would be no advantage in plugging a TD15 into a TD25 and it will not work. Just sell the TD15 and get a TD25. The editing in any newer generation module other than a TD30 is limited. I have a TD25 and it sounds a lot better than the 15.You can adjust reverb per drum and select frequencies for an overall EQ. Alot of the sounds just already work better than old modules and don't need editing.

    I may sell it and go for a TD30 mainly for more inputs and to see if there is an advantage to a VH13.


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      I have owned a TD-30, TD-15 and now have the TD-25. I sold the TD-30 when I got into VSTs and realized it was more module than I needed for that use. I just couldn't justify keeping it and sold it for a small loss, putting my $ elsewhere. I got the TD-15 to use as a trigger system, and found that I didn't use the TD-15 sounds at all, so I sold that and got a TD-11, since it was just a triggering system for VST. (All of these purchases were used on eBay with little or no loss and an occasional gain on resale.) Losing an input was kind of a bummer.

      In any case, I see your disappointment in the TD-15 sound-wise. Like Peter Warren said, if you are on the fence, sell the TD-15 and get a TD-25. I am happy with it mainly for the sounds and ease of use. It's also every bit as good as the TD-30 for triggering VSTs. So, I get the best sounds of the TD-30 in a simpler package that controls VSTs. I use the TD-25 sounds for live playing so I have a rock-solid system.

      As far as more functionality of the TD-15 over the TD-25, what would you really miss? For me, nothing really, and the sounds are far far better.

      My two cents...
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        1. Not able to assign instruments across all inputs. I routinely set one or two of my low tom rims to some various percussion sounds.
        2. Inability to not assign any instruments to any pad
        3. Not able to turn on/off cross-stick with one click while playing.
        4. Quick Edit button.
        5. Only 36 drum kit slots
        Now none of these would necessarily be deal breakers - just concerns I have.