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CY15-SV at $99!

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  • CY15-SV at $99!

    Hi guys, I don't know if this goes in here. If not, I am sorry. I just noticed that sweetwater is giving away CY15-SV for 99 bucks!! I just got three.

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    Got 3 too. Thanks for posting!


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      What is the difference between the Silver and the other two outside the color? Why is the Metalic Grey so much more than the black? Does the silver just fade quicker, or is there a technical reason? (trigger faster, better positional sensing sensitivity or what?)
      That Dan Guy


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        I don't believe there's anything different besides color for the black, silver or metallic grey v-cymbals. It's just a matter of when they came out: the black came first, then silver, then metallic grey. If Roland improved anything, they would've come up with a new part number and charged even more!

        I also bought three of these (one for ride and two to use as crashes). Fantastic deal - prior to this $200 was the going rate for used CY15R's. And they're even cheaper if you by them in packs of two or three.


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          Originally posted by danielrg
          What is the difference between the Silver and the other two outside the color?
          It's just the color ..
          1982 TAMA Superstar


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            Okay, I hate you guys. My wife is surely going to beat me when she finds out I ordered two. I only needed 1 to replace an old flaky PD-8 pad, (head was fine, rim was flaky)- but damn, how could I not order an extra? Now I'll have an extra CY-12r I need to stick somewhere. But the set will be balanced, These on either side, two 14s halfway to the middle and a 12 inch right in front as a splash/percussion pad so I can dump that old PD-8. I suppose I could put the two 12 inch ones next to each other with a splitter so it looks cool, but is kind of pointless. Or I could dump my PD-85 that I don't find myself using much anymore.

            Yep, my wife is gonna kill me. But it is going to look nice on my TD-30kv set.
            That Dan Guy


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              Same here. Thanks for forcing me to go look and buy 3 as well. The wife will not be happy with you all...
              TD-30 module, pd-128 BCs, pd-105's, pd-125, kd-85, Zildjian AE hat


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                well, I think my wife is gonna kill me since I ordered 2 more....


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                  Here is the product page on Roland US:

                  CY-15R-MG: V-Cymbal Ride - Natural, Three-Way Triggering and Swinging Motion

                  It's for the -MG model but the gallery pictures in the middle show the -SV and regular black ones too.


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                    This same thing happened with the silver VH-12 hi hats not to long ago, seems like the silver just never sold well and they got the go ahead from Roland to dump them. I bet we will be seeing ebay fill up with them soon lol
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                      Too bad they didn't make VH-11-SV hi-hats... at least as far as I can tell.


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                        ... an additional note that they are available on eBay in 2-, 3- and 5- packs from Sweetwater at a further discount, as alluded to by bwboltz above. Still free shipping in ConUS. I could have saved about $23 more buying from eBay. Ah well!


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                          Thanks for the heads up on these. I ordered one and should have it by Wednesday.
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                            ... and they are gone.

                            OP: You may want to update the thread title to show they are no longer available.

                            Two things I learned by searching about the CY15R:

                            1. Roland recommends that you use the side of the stick on the bell, not the tip.

                            2. There is a DIY for making the bell more sensitive:

                            Learn how to fix the bell sensitivity issue of the Roland CY15R ride cymbal.Find V-drum Tips on:Facebook: ‪http://goo.gl/sW6z3STwitter: ‪http://goo.gl/svH95f...


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                              I feel very happy that you guys took advantage of this deal. I got 5 to myself so I'll be probably kicked out by my wife pretty soon XD. I don't know how to edit the title to say that they're gone...

                              By the way, I have a very non-invasive mod for my current CY15R to increase the sensitivity of the bell. Believe it or not, works very well:

                              Roland CY-15. simple way to get a better triggering for the bell...