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what to check on an used TD-11K

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  • what to check on an used TD-11K

    Hey there,
    I'm considering buying an extremely new looking used TD 11K and before handing over my money i would like some step by step tips on what to look out for. Anything from obvious wear on the pads to more technical stuff. REALLY appreciate any input you guys can give!

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    For sure check out the physical appearance of everything but also the person you are buying it from and their location. If the person's lifestyle,house, car, etc. is a mess there is a good chance anything they are selling is a mess!
    A little dirt is one thing but scratches, dents, tears, burns is quite another thing.
    Have them play it. Then you play it.
    The display should be lit up and clear. No missing knobs, screws, etc.
    Each pad should make sounds on every zone.
    Plug in a usb stick to make sure the usb parts work.
    Thats about all I got for you.
    Sometimes you have to judge the book by it's cover!
    Good luck.
    "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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