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Resetting TD20 after removal of TDW 20 Expansion?

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  • Resetting TD20 after removal of TDW 20 Expansion?

    Try to uninstall a TDW20 card. If i take out the TDW20 it simply says replace the board so it seems it needs to be in there before you can retrograde the system .I have read un downloaded the older version (pre tdw20) I am on a Mac,
    have downloaded the V1.09 software but the method suggested of Holding REC and Settings on the module whilst power up does not got to the Midi Updater instead just to ready to play as normal.
    Any Help lads ?

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    I did read the sticky above, but it does not explain for ppl who want to use the midi method and how to move on this without a pc. Any help guys ?