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Anyone for any experience with 682 drums?

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  • Anyone for any experience with 682 drums?

    In my quest to finishing off my upgrade from the Pearl Tru-track heads to a V-drum kit, my last piece is the kick drum. All the roland kicks are super expensive and honestly I like the look for a real acoustic bass drum instead of a tiny kick pad like the KD-9. So I found 682 drums and for a little less than $100 US I can get their kick drum trigger and mesh head to convert my acoustic kick to the electronic kick.

    Anyone ever use their products and if so, what did you think of them compare to the roland kick pads?

    Thanks a million!

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    We've reviewed the 682 kick and several other alternatives - and heaps of mesh heads in DigitalDrummer, the free online magazine. You can also download various compilations from our site - www.digitaldrummermag.com
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