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The V-drum Users F.A.Q.

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  • The V-drum Users F.A.Q.

    No, it isn't done... read on.

    Originally posted by Drummersdad:
    Sounds like it is time for a FAQ to be written collectively by the group.
    I guess I should mention that I tried once to collect all the regularly asked questions and lay them out in FAQ format... It's not easy, in fact, it's really hard, I got frustrated and quit. I think that this is definately needed though (a FAQ), but the way I went at it was all wrong.

    I think that smaller chunks is the way to tackle it.... Start with about 10 to 15 really obvious questions, like; "Where do all the old kits go when I install the tdw-1?" and, "Is there a site I can download new sounds for my V-drums, and if so, how do I get them in the brain?" and "Since these are electric drums, should I use electric sticks?" ... Things like that. After those are in place and there is a (BIG, GIANT, GLARINGLY OBVIOUS) link to it... we start adding more questions as they come up. That way it is more of a group effort rather than you all waiting for me to do it (cause it ain't gonna happen)(sorry)

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    Agreed, a FAQ would be great to eliminate the repeated questions. Some may not RTFM while the manual might also leave a bit to be desired at tikmes (like where did my sets go after installing the TDW-1).

    FAQs, in general, are a good thing to help keep the same questions being "solved" over and over and over again. This may also lead to a higher S/N ratio.

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