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TD30 and SPDSX MIDI Triggering

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  • TD30 and SPDSX MIDI Triggering

    Am pretty new to the world of MIDI however I have managed to trigger wav samples from my SPDSX to my TD30 which is great. I can also trigger sounds from some of my TD30 instruments to my SPDSX. However I have a few questions on MIDI that I haven't been able to figure out (having spent a few hours messing about!!) So here goes
    1. I want to trigger some percussion instruments (timbale etc.) from my TD30 to my SPDSX. As I said I have been able to trigger some instruments e.g. some tom toms and cymbals. But for whatever reason I'm not finding the other TD30 instruments (midi notes that actually generate a sound appear to run out at around MIDI note 59). Where can I find the MIDI notes for the all instruments and how do I assign them?
    2..I have stumbled across some of the percussive instruments via MIDI from my TD30 to my SPDSX but I'm only hearing them through the left channel on my headphones, nothing is coming out front. I don't have anything panned left so don't know why this would be?
    3. I have been able to set up both modules so I can use either to scroll kits up and down together. However this has meant assigning both kits (TD30 and SPDSX) to the same number. E.g. song 1 is assigned to kit 85 on the TD30 and kit 85 on my SPDSX. Talking to my band mates they say that some modules (guitar) allow you to control 'kits' that don't have a matching number e.g. you could have a kits on number 40, 45 and 70 on one module and kits one on 60, 50 and 85 on another module and they would still work together i.e. kits 40 & 60 would scroll to kits 45 & 50 etc. Is this possible with my roland modules as this would be much easier than having to match numbers on both modules?

    Appreciate any help on any of the above.