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2 notes for one hit on TDW-1 PD-120 Snare?

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  • 2 notes for one hit on TDW-1 PD-120 Snare?

    If I hit the PD-120 snare anywhere other than the exact middle over the trigger sensor (for a very hot, harsh noise), I get two notes. Tried adjusting sensitivity and other trigger options different from factory defaults but nothing seems to help. The correct Trigger Bank 2 is being used BTW. Can something wear out, this is a church kit in service maybe at least 6 or 8 years?

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    can you please give us an idea how much time separates both notes, or how quickly they occure? Is the difference in time dependent on or independent from your beat rate? Do you observe this effect for all kits you can select? Do you feel a difference in the sticks when hitting in the middle or off-center (i.e. how do they react mechnically, dynamically)? When you turn off the amplifier and hit this pad (and others) in the center and off-center: how does the sound change coming from the mesh AND from the sticks? When you hit strongly, do you hear buzzing sounds coming from somewhere else?

    Concerning your remark for the trigger bank: do you think your changes were not recognized?

    Many effects can result in double (or multiple) notes.

    Concerning wear out there once was a post in this forum about replacing the cones, made from some foam material, inside the pad. According to that post these cones were suspected to be sensitive to humidity. When the edrum experienced some sun light many times while the year passes by, the ultraviolet components of light may gradually lead to structural damage of the foam.

    An other thing to consider is the mesh head. I.e. if it varies in tension across its surface your sticks may bounce in an unwanted way (see my question above). Also the way you hit may or may not have an impact.

    So, many things to speculate about. So the next step for me would be to compile observations, and to test at least the potential effects I descibed above, followed by listening with amps-off. You may also want to compare PD-120 pad to others of the kit, starting with visual inspection, and continuing with haptic evaluations. You may also want to consider exchanging cables (some connectors may have worn out from all the mechanical shocks over the years). Or you may change assignements of pads to get some indication about the sound module itself. And so on ;-)

    Good luck, best regards + please let us know ;-)
    td-30 user ;-)


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      These are great suggestions, Michael, I'll begin to delve into these tomorrow, thanks so much.