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Technical details, "USB audio", TD-30?

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  • Technical details, "USB audio", TD-30?


    does anybody have or know where to find technical details about "USB audio" for the TD-30 Drum Sound Module (DSM)?

    I'm specifically interested in how it works, what happens to gains or levels during transfer between PC and TD-30, whether it's a 24-bit wide signal or not and so on. Nitty gritty technical ;-)

    Background: questions like:
    a) owners manual, p. 124 states as default values "USB audio input gain: -18 dB", "USB audio output gain: +0 dB";
    b) why is this a good choice within the module, e.g. related to all other gains and levels involved?;
    c) when a PC program, like Studio One or similar, defines 0 dB FS (full scale), what's its reference point? Maximum analog output voltage of its assigned soundcard? 0xFFFF...FFFF i.e. "max. value" in its floating point representation?
    d) when transfering USB audio data from PC to DSM and vice versa ... will the levels or gains change (besides the -18 dB stated above)?
    and so on.

    As an aside, looking at the block diagram, USB Audio IN runs through a Setup Gain (see b), and then directly into Main Master. I.e. it's the shortest path to learn about and investigate audio characteristics inside the DSM ...

    Thanks and best regards, Michael
    td-30 user ;-)

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    TD-30 USB audio gain level
    td-30 user ;-)