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Td9 kx2 VS td11 kv

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  • Td9 kx2 VS td11 kv

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    FYI, TD-9 also has MIDI-in, TD-11 doesn't, that's why I still have it.
    If you do big-band or jazz (meaning a lot of foot chicks on the hat), you will want the VH-11.
    For rock/pop you can probably make do with an FD-8, if your style doesn't use foot-chicks.
    If you go with the '11 you can always get a VH-11 later, but it is a pricey add-on.

    As far as apartment living goes, if you will have a downstairs neighbor chances are you will have to build an impact-noise isolation riser too. The pedals, even on e-drums are still like hitting the floor with a rubber mallet. Some fantastic info is available around here on their construction.
    Mini-kit: TD-9 + Alesis Control Pad + Alesis Sample Pad + PDX-6 snare
    Micro-kit: Handsonic HPD-20 + an old pair of hands.
    Speakers: QSC-K10 "thumper", DBR-10 "little thumper"


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      Thanks for the quick reply!

      I've thought about the add-on too, but then again, you can also upgrade your module. Currently I'm leaning more towards the td9 because of the nicer hardware and still having a decent module. My concerns are its age and possible latency issues due to no direct MIDI to USB connection. But maybe that's not an issue since I have a macbook pro of late 2013?

      Other inputs are more than welcome!


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        MIDI latency is not going to be an issue at all with any half-decent audio interface. I've had an EMU USB interface for like 8 years or so and midi latency wasn't a problem at all. If you're using your kit to trigger a VSTi your main concern is going to be audio latency which you want to have as small as possible. I've switched out the EMU for a Focusrite (18i20) USB audio-interface and with my DAW I can set it to 2ms latency without any artifacts but even my old EMU would do 5ms or so which worked fine for instruments
        - TD11KV, that's all :)


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          If I had to choose I would go TD9 and some vex packs. I have the 30 but I still use the 9 also, It's that good and has midi in the 11 does not as said above by Kurth83.
          "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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