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TD-1K Not Triggering Cymbals In Garageband (Mac) Via MIDI - Help?

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  • TD-1K Not Triggering Cymbals In Garageband (Mac) Via MIDI - Help?


    My first foray into V-Drums territory is with the new TD-1KV, which fits nicely into my little studio. My kids and I are enjoying playing it and while I know it's small potatoes compared to the pro-kits most players here use, It's perfect for us right now, as I learn to play better.

    I want to use it to trigger Garageband on my Mac, and it is recognized correctly and mostly works without latency, but the cymbal triggers aren't working using the included GB drums. Here's the full description of the issue:

    When using internal sounds, all works as expected.
    When attached to the Mac via USB (I've tried both my iMac and Macbook Pro, same result) Snare, Kick, hat, choke, and toms all work correctly over MIDI
    When attached to the Mac, the Crash and Ride "Bells" trigger sounds, but the "edges" do not.

    And now the questions:

    Is the solution to change the sensitivity?
    Is sensitivity a global function (affecting both MIDI and internal sounds?)
    Is there a known issue with the trigger note being incorrect for GB?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    fix the problem????


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      It is not anything on the TD-1.

      You have to match sounds to the MIDI Notes of the Cymbals in Garage Band.

      From the TD-1 Manual
      Note numbers (default)
      Pad Note number
      KIK 36
      SNR (Head) 38
      SNR (Rim) 40
      T1 48
      T2 45
      T3 43
      HH open (Bow) 46
      HH open (Edge) 26
      HH closed (Bow) 42
      HH closed (Edge) 22
      HH foot closed 44
      CR1 (Bow) 49
      CR1 (Edge) 55
      CR2 (Bow) 57
      CR2 (Edge) 52
      RD (Bow) 51
      RD (Edge) 59
      MIDI channel: 10
      The Instruments that don't play do not have an instrument assigned on the Note.