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Questions about Midi IN and Timing Problems with my TD4 and Logic 9

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  • Questions about Midi IN and Timing Problems with my TD4 and Logic 9

    Hi, all--new member here. I did search but really couldn't find specifically what I was looking for.

    Many moons ago, I owned a TD10 set, first model year I believe. It had Midi In and Out, and I guess I assumed that all of Roland's modules still did so when I bought my used set of TD4 with all mesh pads from eBay, I was unpleasantly surprised. My fault, of course.

    So question #1: What is the most recent module that I might find on the cheap side used which features both in and out? There is just no way I can spring for a TD30; just wondering what was the last decent-sounding, low-to-mid range module that had it, so I can start my search for it used?

    OK, second question. I remember triggering both midi and internal VDrum sounds years ago from my performances. I don't remember the timing being so bad as to be unusable, but that's what I'm getting now. I record in Logic pro9. I will play a part without much complexity, but when I go to trigger, say, the internal drum sounds in Logic or UltraBeat, the timing is awful. I know the possibility of playing something too nuanced for midi playback is a problem, but I can't play anything simple enough that doesn't require several minutes of surgery to fix all the missed notes or hesitations, even in an unquantized playback.

    I'm not talking about latency, which I understand to mean the dealy between when you strike the pad and when you hear a triggered sound. I'm talking about recording a midi performance via the pads, and then listening back to find that it ain't all that close to what you played.

    Is there a simple answer for this? Does everyone who triggers midi samples from the V-kits go through this? I'd been programming intricate drum parts with my fingers on a weighted keyboard for over a decade and it seemed so much more accurate...was that to be expected?

    Many thanks.


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    #1 is easy TD-9
    #2 not so easy, I have never seen that problem but I also don't know anything about Logic 9.
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