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Follow up question on replacement foam cones

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  • Follow up question on replacement foam cones

    Hey guys, I appreciate the help on my previous questions about replacement foam cones. I bought a couple aftermarket from Quartz Percussion and they were pretty solid. The only thing I noticed is that they weren't quite as tall as I needed them to be. I use a Jobeky 10" drum as my snare and of course it's not the same standard size as Roland's pads. I had Quartz throw in a couple foam risers but it never got my drum back to normal working order. There were super hot spots or dead spots or, depending on how it was feeling that day, playing perfectly. I contacted Jobeky 3 -- THREE -- times about getting an OEM replacement foam core and the best I got was "Yeah, we can help" and then they never helped. I just sent them one more message today so we'll see if they can actually help me.

    In the mean time I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do. I'm disappointed that the Quartz cones didn't exactly work; I've rigged it so many different ways but I'm just done trying to mess with it. Part of me wants to just say screw it and buy a Roland snare like a PD-120 or PD-125 and just be done with it, but at the same time the Jobeky pad is super nice and I don't want to lose that one. So how could I tweak these things to get them working properly? To be honest, I've basically never done a DIY conversion or really have any experience messing with the piezo switches and whatnot. So if there's anything I could do, I hope it's pretty rudimentary. Also, I don't think this would be an issue but it's worth asking, would the actual mesh head have anything to do with this? It's still original but IMO is still in prefect condition. Just throwing out possible suggestions. Thanks for any help!

    TD-9 with Master 50 VEX pack. Three PD-85 dual triggered toms plus one 10" Hart Acupad. 10" Jobeky Drums snare. 8" Hart Acupad kick. CY-5 as hats, CY-8 and CY-14 as crashes, and CY-12R/C as ride.