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TD10 module with TWD-1 expansion card - Some sounds distorted

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  • TD10 module with TWD-1 expansion card - Some sounds distorted


    I am new to this forum, so thank you in advance for your help.

    I have a TD10 module with a TWD expansion card. This has a strange issue - certain sounds distort in some of the kits.
    Hear here: https://soundcloud.com/rolf-knudsen/td10-sound-issue

    I cannot find anyone posting a similar issue, so I am asking for advice here.
    Is this dead? I have done a factory reset.


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    Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but could not find anything suggesting a fix and I have acquired this module now! I have totally dismantled it but my somewhat limited eye can detect nothing out of place internally. I've cleaned all inputs and the socket/plug of the board itself. It's well secured in the slot too....
    By a process of elimination it seems that the distorted samples are on the TDW1 board so can only assume they are somehow corrupted.... All the original td-10 kits are fine but most of the tdw1 cymbal and percussion samples create a horrible racket!
    Any helpful thoughts gratefully received. It's useable but I'd be happier with all the sounds at my disposal! Thanks


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      I am curious about this too as my kick is slightly distorted. Hopefully someone can provide insight.

      Edit: The distortion on mine turned out that both headphones I had used were not able to handle the amount of bass this can generate, and so distorted. I picked up some Sennheiser HD280's and it sounds amazing!
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        Gotta love it when the solution is easy!


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