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dual zone Roland PD-7 and the Alesis i/0

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  • dual zone Roland PD-7 and the Alesis i/0

    How can I get my dual zone Roland PD-7 and the Alesis i/0 to incorporate the dual zone functionality on my PD-7? I'm using a stereo cable into my I/O? I'm interfacing my I/O with Impact on my Presonus 1818 VSL. I can't seem to hit the rim and the pad independently and make two different sounds.

    Paul Jarrett
    Parker, CO

    Yamaha Maple Absolute Custom and KP65
    Roland PD-7's and SPD-s
    Roland TD-10
    Alesis i/o
    ProTools M-Audio, BFD 2
    Ludwig Rockers
    home made 10" e-snare.
    lots of cymbals and percussion


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    Funny, I have the same problem (and I ALSO live in Parker). Did you ever figure this out?


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      The PD-7 is a Piezo-Switch type Dual Zone Pad (like a Cymbal), and not a Dual-Piezo Pad.

      First, check the Trigger Type setting in the i/O. For the PD-7 it should be set to Piezo-Switch (PS)

      You may also have to change the Polarity with the switch on the side of the PD-7 just beside the Output Jack.

      If it still doesn't work, the Edge Switch may not be working properly. Can you test the PD-7 on another module (Try a Cymbal Input) and see if the Edge sound triggers at all?
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