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Case for V Session Kit

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  • Case for V Session Kit

    Please help.

    I'm looking to buy a V-Session kit next month, however for the investment, I do NOT want to scratch them up as my Band Tours alot. I must invest in decent cases if I'm going to drop 5 G's on a session. I know I could have a proffesional case company MAKE a case for the set but I checked into that and it costs over 1000 dollors to make that happen, although it would be cool.

    It is my understanding that the case Roland sells for V-Pro kit was not designed for V Cymbals. Can anybody give my any suggestions???? Does anybody else have a session set that uses cases to travel with??? If so, what do you use. Please help.


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    You could always use a Roland case and for the V-cymbals make a new case or something. I guess that would be the cheapest option(until Roland releases a new case?).
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      I would bet that roland won't make a whole new case, they will most likely add a hard or soft cymbal case. They still haven't made a case for the KD-120 yet as far as I know. Roland doesn't seem to be worried about the on the road conditions that some people have to endure. Best bet is to build your own.

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        Hmmm....Well does anybody have any ideas for "Build your own?" Besides going to professional case companies? Are there any companies that just sell cases, Foam filled that you can cut out the Foam yourself or something like that?

        Just looking for input. Thank You, so far you all have been helpful. Drummers are family.



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          Hi Aaron,

          check out www.skb-cases.com for lot's of cases!
          Music was my first love...


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            I expect a case be introduced at the Summer NAMM. I just got the Sessions and too want a case. BTW ignore the negative post regarding the Sessions. If you follow the simple directions the set is simply the ultimate!


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              Originally posted by ADD:
              I would bet that roland won't make a whole new case ...
              Right! Why should they? All they need to do is paint the V-Pro case red or purple and up the cost.