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PD-85 (used as hi-hat) producing cymbal crashes?

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  • PD-85 (used as hi-hat) producing cymbal crashes?

    Hi everyone -- I have yet another quirk I'm trying to track down. Many thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier inquiries on other subjects!

    I am using a Roland TD-8 (soon to be swapped for a TD-20) with a PD-85 as my high-hat. I have both FD-7 and FD-8 hi-hat controllers. I've noticed that when I strike the rim of the PD-85, I hear a cymbal crash. The sound is different from either my ride or my crash sounds, and persists even if I hold my actual cymbals to mute them (so it isn't some sort of vibration being carried through my rack to trigger my other cymbals). The sound is also clearly different from the open and closed high-hat sounds. So it is some other category of cymbal sound that is being triggered on some sort of phantom input! The issue is driving me crazy, because when I play the high-hat (especially closed), there is this erratic, low-volume cymbal splash sounding in the background that is very distracting. If I consciously hit the rim of the PD-85, then the sound is quite distinct and loud.

    The TD-8 does NOT register hits on the PD-85 rim as rim hits (the rim light doesn't flash), and I can't see anywhere in the settings where I can program the sound for the rim of the PD-85. I have tried setting the trigger type to both 8A and 8B, but neither setting changes anything.

    Does anyone have any idea what is causing this issue or how I can eliminate it? For the record, the issue exists with both the FD-7 and the FD-8, which seem to be working perfectly.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Using the RIM button on the module, set the hi-hat rim sound to 1024 OFF.


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      I'll try that out tonight - thanks!


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        BTW, this worked. Thanks!