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Problems with the Hi-Hat Ctrl input on the TD 8 Module

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  • Problems with the Hi-Hat Ctrl input on the TD 8 Module

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me?

    I have tried both the FD-8 and VH-11 hats in my TD8 Module and all I can hear is the "chip" of the virtual hats coming together. I have checked the hi-hat pad in other channels and it works fine. Can anyone tell me if this is a regular problem withe TD ctrl input and how much (if its a fault) would it cost to repair?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    If you get the closing sound, then the HH CTRL input is working fine. It seems likely that you don't have the two hi-hat cables connected to the correct inputs.

    The FD-8 (or VH-11 CONTROL OUT) should be connected to the HH CTRL input. The pad/trigger cable goes into input 7 HI-HAT.

    (The FOOT SWITCH input doesn't get used for the hi-hat pedal.)