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Roland RT-10k with TD 20

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  • Roland RT-10k with TD 20

    Just purchased 2 10ks for my new a to e kit. Having some consistency issues with the kicks. They seem to be missing random hits here and there. I'm not doing any crazy blast beats or anything. I've tried the settings in the manual and no luck. I have the triggers on the side of the kick. Do I need to mess with tightening the head or anything. It's a mesh head. I'm using the 10t on my toms and snare and those are working great.


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      I have had better response with the Pad1 and Pad2 settings that with Roland's RT settings. Maybe try those.
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        Jera which trigger ins have you connected the RT's to? choosing pad type RT10K should do it but if you are on mesh heads, you'll need to up the sensitivity and lower the threshold as piezo triggers are designed for plastic heads not mesh...there's not enough vibration from the kick beaters to the outside where the triggers are as the mesh dampens them.