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Advice please on Hybrid Setups

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  • Advice please on Hybrid Setups

    Hi Guys,
    I love my TD30 sounds for the small gigs we play, but its a real hassle setting up every time we play then setting up for a weeks practice and so on. Also have a 4 piece DW Maple custom that sounds amazing in big venues, but a bit overpowering for the wee ones. Was thinking of purchasing the new Roland RT range of triggers with some mesh heads for the DW's and playing it that way. Anyone done this? any advice?

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    I think the basic question I'm asking is; Can it work??


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      Yes, it can work. There are many people triggering acoustic kits with mesh heads and most of the discussions on that topic is in following forum: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/advanced/diy

      The general term used on this forum is "A to E" or "A2E" which is short for "Acoustic To Electronic"

      Only one comment about using mesh heads on your DW Maple shells -- many people believe that mesh heads will wear down your bearing edges over time. For this reason, some people use tape on the bearing edge.