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Best way to generate sheet music from v-drum module output

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  • Best way to generate sheet music from v-drum module output

    Hello fellow v-drummers.

    Does anyone know the best way to run midi output to a Macintosh OS/X based midi sequencing software to create Sheet Music?

    I'd like to work on a Book and I'd like to be able to play from the v-drums into some kind of Notation software to generate sheet music. So far I haven't found any real solutions. I also don't want to pay $600 for some software.

    Does anyone else have experience using streaming midi from v-drums to notation software that will accurately generate things like proper Drumroll and Buzzroll notation. Also anyone know how to properly map the midi channels so that you get all the different touch points on the drums. I.e. to get Hi-Hat open and closed and bell and hitting the throat end of the stick against the edge of the cymbal versus tip on top of cymbal etc.? Also edge of snare vs center of snare?

    I'm a software developer also so if no one has any good answers then I may be interested in taking on the creation of such software. Does anyone know if the Midi output from the Drum Module is that precise? Does it output different midi channels for different parts of the pads (center vs edge etc?)???


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    The best free application I know of is MuseScore (www.musescore.org). It allows note entry via MIDI and various file formats. Available on Windows, OS X, and Linux. For commercial software, the standard applications are: Finale (www.finalemusic.com), Sibelius (www.sibelius.com), and Forte (www.fortenotation.com). All of these allow input in real time via MIDI.


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      I have not used MIDI streaming yet but you should be able to get a different signal from each trigger so open vs closed HiHat, edge of cymbal vs Bell sound etc. Edge of the snare drum vs center of the snare drum is not possible as far as I know with the lower end models (TD4, 6, 9 etc) but might be possible with the higher end models that have positional sensing.
      Roland TD9-KX


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        PreSonus claims having taken care of MIDI issues, like timing (in quantized mode). Did you ceck out PreSonus Notion and Studio One? http://www.presonus.com/products/notion-5 . With Studio One I was able to record both MIDI and USB-audio simultaneously to an instrument and an audio track.
        td-30 user ;-)