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Any advice on cheap (DIY!) stage lighting

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  • bad karma
    Over the past (mumbles)years I have been playing,I have done some diy lights.Go to lowes,home depot,etc.,get the fitting,wire,screws,and some colored flood lights.yes,they do come colored without gell-paper.although your color selection is limited.
    Ah,I remember the lighting systems I used to have:
    fc150's.........foldgers crystals coffe can wtih 150 w light bulbs
    mh175's...maxwell house with...you get the picture...
    I also used some tin and pop rivets and made gell-paper holders and adjustable mounting to some of them.FANCY!
    well,some ideas.good luck!

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  • rudi-mint
    www.pssl.com Is the best place I have found. they have good prices and great service. I just purchased some par 64s and a controller from them. The have a package that has 4 par 64s, stand, dimmer pak, controller, and cords for 599. That would be a good start. BWT if you buy par cans, get the ones with the dys bulbs. They are much cheaper to replace ie. 11.99 compared to 30.00 for a 600 watt bulb.

    good luck

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  • Oz DrumR
    started a topic Any advice on cheap (DIY!) stage lighting

    Any advice on cheap (DIY!) stage lighting

    I know this isn't directly (or really, even indirectly!) related to V Drums - But I know there is a lot of 'band' experience out there, and I do value all of your input.

    I'm looking to knock up a simple (more importantly, CHEAP!) lighting rig for the band. I don't need anything fancy (yet!) - just some simple coloured spot / flood lighting - say 3 or 4 lamps.

    Any suggestions? I know nothing about this area, I can just about manage changing a light bulb!

    If any of you guys have rigged up anything yourselves, I'd be interested to know.