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VST type apps on iPad/iPhone?

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  • VST type apps on iPad/iPhone?

    A little while back I managed to snag a simple Midi interface when a local music store was clearing them out due to the fact that they had the old 30-pin connectors.

    Now I'm curious to see if there are any VST type apps that exist on either the iPad or iPhone that would allow me to connect up my TD-4 set and play along to their sounds. Does anyone know of any apps like that?

    Are they difficult to set up or map the drum sounds?

    I'd be keen to give it a go because I've been getting a little underwhelmed by the stock TD-4 sounds of late so I'd like to either upgrade my module or to see if I can give VST stuff a go. I figure if I could find something reasonable in an iOS app that I could improve the sounds without needing to hook up and turn on my computer everytime I want to play the drums.

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    Please keep in mind, that only the latest iPad and iPhone deliver ok latency values, before that it was horrible and only beginners enjoyed IPad real time music apps, let them play a tight uptempo funk, they will fail.

    I checked the latest iPhone in January with bias and guitar, that was the first time I would consider using it.

    Also be aware that drumming is certainly way more crucial, I cannot stand above 8ms latency, for guitar playing 10ms is manageable,, but noticeable.

    Loading your IPad with power during using it for music making is also mostly a problem with iPad sound devices.

    Keep in mind that w8 tablets are actual normal computers without the restrictions of an IPad, with rme usb interfaces definitely superior in every aspect.

    I do not see fxpansion or toontrack offering their top line for an IPad.
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      Alesis DM touch app is still free.
      . digitalDrummer
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        The DM-Touch only supports iPads. But it has great sounds and is a real professional app. (Not an exended game...) For iPhones there are a couple of other apps available. Apple Garageband works on iPhone if using their drums.

        I made some tests in January using an e-cajon, MegaDRUM Trigger Device (Which supports coreMIDI) and the DM-Touch app. No big latency issues here on a Ipad Mini (first edition)
        Your TD-4 might needs to be remapped on the midi notes sending to each drum to handle the fixed midi map in DM Touch. I think even Allan at digitalDrummer has a video using DM-Touch with a TD-30 kit.

        Check my post at: https://powerhell.wordpress.com/abou...odule-on-ipad/
        There is a small video attached to this tests where the DM-touch is used.... https://youtu.be/i_LHsMg2OvU?t=2m30s

        Best Regards

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          Please keep in mind the STICKY about where to post threads...this is the LOUNGE. You need to go to Technical Support or Products or Suggestions threads for help. I'm sure someone will have an answer for you tho.

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