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Problem with ghost hits

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  • Problem with ghost hits

    Hi all,

    I play a HD-3 and after a few years of practice the ride cymbal is beginning to act weird. It will play more notes than I hit. It appears almost like an echo.

    My suspicion is that some part is worn out and I wouldn't be surprised if this is a common problem. I therefore ask you experienced guys what to do to rectify this problem as soon as possible.

    Any advice is welcome.

    Johan Hackman
    Stockholm, Sweden
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    www.johanhackman.se Roland HD-3

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    The CY-5's (the cymbals on the HD-3 - I had one for a while), are replaceable. The cable could also be at fault, not easily replaceable on the HD-3 though.

    Try switching the two cymbals (crash and ride), and see if the problem follows the cymbal.
    If it does, you are in luck, just replace the CY-5.
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      It seems the problem went away when I swapped places between the cymbals. When I use the former ride as a crash I cannot hear the ghost notes, probably because you hit a crash differently and the sound of the cymbal. I'll try it this way for a while and see what happens.


      www.johanhackman.se Roland HD-3


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        Thanks to you mentioning the model name of the cymbal I found this video.

        Thanks again,

        www.johanhackman.se Roland HD-3