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Is this kit setup worth $2000? Need some experience please!

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  • Is this kit setup worth $2000? Need some experience please!

    Kit will include
    PD120 x 3 (snare + tom 3&4)
    PD100 x 2 (tom 1&2)
    PD9 x1 (extra pad)
    CY14C x 2 (crash 1&2)
    CY12RC x 1 (Ride)
    CY12H x1 (Hi-Hat)
    FD7 x1 (hi-hat controller pedal)
    KD120 x 1 (Kick pad)
    MDS-10 (Red frame with all the mounting hardwares and cable
    TD-12 (drum module)

    This price also includes shipping to my home.

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    That's nearly the same TD-10 kit I use with my td-30 Module I do have a few more cymbals and have converted snare to 127 spec.
    My kit I bought in 2002 as a TDW-10 module and kit for $10,000 Brand new.
    I have kept up with the module upgrades but the kit is still rock solid I have changed the color of mine from the red to a marble look on the drums and added a few cymbals.
    I am unsure of kit prices where you are but if those photos are accurate its pretty good value Kit.
    The FD-7 Hihat pedal and the TD-12 Module is a bit old but they work pretty well.
    You can allways add to it.
    NOW with New Improved TD-30 Module, some V drums an other music making thingies with miscellaneous small furry animals, large hairy animals, motorcycle bits and a big muff:rolleyes:.


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      I'd say yes. Subjective, but yes.
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        I actually talked him into swapping the hi hat for a VH-11


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          No, not even close. It looks really nice but the brain is not the one you want. The new TD 25 is out and I have seen 2 used TD30K not KV kits sell for $2500.00 on Ebay (rare but still) you could find a TD20 close to that or do 1000 times better and get a used 2 box set up.


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            Roland TD30 module on TD20 kit SD3 with various kits. Pearl Masters Kit, Yamaha 9000RC original natural wood finish. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions.


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              It depends on whether those sizes and sounds are what you want. The 12 inch ride cymbal would bother me, but I did the math, pricing each item at reasonable used prices, and came up at over 2,200 USD. And that was without the VH-11 and without shipping, which you say are now both included. So yes, if those sizes and sounds work for you, the kit is reasonably priced. The TD-12 doesn't have the latest sounds, but it's still a very functional module and is much nicer to use than Roland's current TD-11, TD-15, and TD-25 modules. I'd probably use the 12 inch ride cymbal as a crash and buy a larger cymbal pad to use as a ride.

              People often talk about "great deals" on eBay, but you're buying without seeing in person, with no warranty, and with no return capability. Thus, I don't think cheap prices on eBay are necessarily a good deal. If you can inspect that kit in person before buying and/or negotiate an inspection / return period, I'd consider it over something unknown from eBay.


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                Forgot to mention, in the photographs, the head of the KD-120 looks like it has at least two to three reasonably sized holes in it. Confirm this with the seller and negotiate your price accordingly. Bottom line, you'll need to replace that head. Don't let the beater(s) continue direct contact with the foam pad beneath or you'll need to be replacing that too!


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                  I would say it's worth $2000. In fact if I was state-side I would consider buying it myself to replace my TD9K, which I would be able to sell for about ~$1200.
                  2Box Drumit5, DIY 12" Snare, 12" Floor Tom, 2x10" Toms. Acoustic cymbals w/DIY triggers, Triggera Krigg, Tama Iron Cobra Kick and Tama Roadpro HH stand. Tennis Ball Riser (not needed now I have the Krigg lol).